Comic Books Wanted


Who wants comic books? Well, comic books are wanted by a lot of comic collectors, whether they like superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Amazing Spiderman, or if they like science fiction or horror comic books.

If you always wanted comic books and back issues you couldn’t afford when you were a kid reading comic books, now is the perfect time to complete runs, fill-in issues and cross-overs on the comic books you want. Some of the more valuable Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books are the higher-grade near mint and very fine comics graded and certified by professional comic book graders.  When there is competition over buying rare vintage comic books, we recommend you create a Want List with a large and reputable comic book dealer or comic book website store. To find the most sought after, holiest of holy grail comic books, we recommend creating a Want List with, as they are the largest dealer of vintage comic books in the world.  If you want to find and bid on comic books in comic book auctions, we recommend for creating a Want List, as they are comic book auction company with the Guinness World Record holder for selling the most expensive comic book, Action Comics #1 for $1.5 Million.

Another option for finding cheaper comic books wanted from the 1980s – Present is to set up a Want List at MileHigh.  People are also often looking for comic books wanted through Craig’s List and other Comic Book Classifieds.  It can sometimes be  a crap shoot trying to find good Silver Age or Golden Age Wonder Woman or Flash comics in classifieds, but you never know what might turn up. Who knows, you might turn up the next pedigree comic book collection.  Some collectors and experts even write comic book blogs and collector society message boards about comic books wanted!


If you want to find people who want comic books because you have comic books you would like to sell – be careful!  You may find trouble if you don’t know who you are dealing with.  Look for a company or someone who has a long standing reputation for honesty and integrity. If you feel comfortable selling to a comic book dealer, gives free comic book appraisals, and will refer you to smaller reputable dealers who will treat you fairly if they are not interested in your comics.  If you talk to a comic book auction house, make absolutely sure that they never, ever, ever charge buyer’s premiums.  This is a hidden cost they do not tell some comic book consignors about, where they charge the buyer of the comics an additional 19.5%, however, the sellers don’t see a dime of that money made from the sale of their comic books.  So in short, there are lots of people hanging out their billboard to say “comic books wanted”, so just make certain you know what you’re getting into before you sell your comic books or auction comics.