Investing in Comic Books

The first rule of collecting comic books is to collect what you like. Do not invest in comic books that you don't actually want.

The comics most likely to rise in value are the ones that are rare. In other words, people had to throw them out when they first came out. If they were sold as being "highly collectible" like the "Death of Superman" that means millions of people bought them during the craze, and there is noone to buy them now. Stick with the 10 and 12 cent comic books from the 1930s - 1970s. The more popular the title or character, the more likely it will appreciate in value. For example, Disney has millions of dollars of brand equity invested in Spiderman. He ain't going away. Dotty Dripple on the other hand, well, there aren't throngs of greedy collectors, cash in hand, looking to buy Dotty Dripple.